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Biodegradable garbage bags can be disposed of with kitchen waste

Biodegradable garbage bags for kitchen waste in the kitchen,Why does it leak and break after a long time? Let me share with you why biodegradable garbage bags cannot be PLA ced in the kitchen trash can for too long, and what microorganisms degrade biodegradable garbage bags? Mainly bacteria, fungi(fungus)and algae etc.Click to learn about garbage sorting and entering thousands of households, the promotion of biodegradable garbage bags is at the right timeThe raw materials used in biodegradable garbage bags are biodegradable. If the kitchen waste is stored for a long time, the degradation of the bags will be accelerated due to the proliferation of microorganisms.Thereby reducing the load-bearing capacity of the bag, which may cause the bottom to burst when lifted,In case of water damage,It is recommended that you PLA ce kitchen waste or melon peels in thetwenty fourClean up the trash can within hours to prevent the bag from degrading and leaking the bottom in advance, which will bring you unnecessary trouble.What are the products of the decomposition of biodegradable garbage bags? Biodegradable garbage bags under composting conditions,Fermented with kitchen waste or garden waste, completely transformed intoCO2,H2Oand organic matterThis is what we usually call organic fertilizer-Source of nutrition for flowers and PLA nts, sorting garbage to beautify the living environment.

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