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Biodegradable knowledge? Do you know this knowledge?

PLA stic is difficult to degrade, and it is easy to produce harmful substances when burned, which is a difficult problem for garbage disposal at present. Especially disposable PLA stic products are difficult to recycle and cause serious white pollution.To solve this problem, degradable PLA stics have been developed——It not only has the performance of traditional PLA stics, but also is biodegradable. Wouldn’t it be a joy for everyone? ?france in2015This PLA stic was banned in 2010, Spain in2016A similar ban was introduced in 2008.There are also many kinds of degradation. Now let’s talk about two kinds of degradation materials: complete biodegradation and photodegradation PLA stics.Fully biodegradable PLA stics are made entirely of bio-based materials and, under certain conditions(exist50°C above extended temperature)Biodegradation in industrial environments All can biodegrade into carbon dioxide and water.The photodegradable PLA stic is to introduce a photosensitive group on the main chain of the polymer or add a photosensitizer, a photoinitiator, etc. to the PLA stic to make the traditional PLA stic have photodegradable properties. It means that under the action of sunlight, the molecular chains of polymers are broken in an orderly manner, resulting in their destruction and degradation. Light, heat, etc. in the natural environment act on photodegradable PLA stics, which can decompose PLA stic macromolecules into small molecules. But as the name suggests, in the absence of light(such as being buried in the soil),LightDegradable PLA stics cannot be degraded.

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