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biodegradable material

There are many kinds of biodegradable materials, among which polylactic acid ( PLA ) is known as one of the varieties with the most development potential, with biocompatibility, biodegradability and resource regeneration. PLA Under natural environment or composting conditions, its waste can be degraded through hydrolysis and a series of biological metabolic processes (6~12months) becomesCO2andH2O,TheseCO2andH2OIt can be reused by PLA nts in photosynthesis to produce starch, which can be reused to produce polylactic acid( PLA ), so polylactic acid( PLA )Not only is it an inexhaustible biodegradable material, but it can also reduce white pollution and save oil resources.”carbon cycle balance”s material.With PLA ( PLA )With the continuous improvement of synthesis technology and the continuous reduction of production costs, it has gradually entered the field of civil engineering materials such as aircraft and automobile interior and exterior decoration from the field of biomedicine and daily necessities. It is the latest research report on biodegradable PLA stic chemistry with the largest market share. According to the report, polylactic acid currently accounts for about47%, it is very promising to become one of the substitutes for petroleum-based PLA stics, PLA Modified materials have also been widely used in other fields.

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