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Biodegradable materials can be used in a wide range of fields

Whether it is biodegradable PLA stic bags, biodegradable hangers, biodegradable lunch boxes, biodegradable straws, biodegradable trash cans, biodegradable mobile phone cases, etc., as long as it is PLA stic, it will be re PLA ced by biodegradable products. The fields of application of degradable materials are very extensive.Why do you say that? We cannot forget the convenience that PLA stic brings to us, but let alone the harm it brings to the environment! For our living environment and for our future generations, it is the general trend to use completely degradable biodegradable products, and the application fields of biodegradable materials are also constantly being developed and expanded.Simply put, a biodegradable material is a material that can, under composting conditions,180It can be completely degraded into water and carbon dioxide in just one day, which is incomparable to PLA stics. This is the real environmental protection!

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