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Biodegradable PLA stic bags are benign products for sustainable development

We all know that the raw materials of PLA stic bags come from petroleum. In the long run, our society needs to use petroleum as raw materials, use renewable resources as raw materials to re PLA ce raw materials, and use renewable resources to produce biodegradable PLA stic bags.biodegradable PLA stic bag-Hospital image storage bagWe all understand that oil is a finite resource and its cost is rising due to increased global demand. Using renewable raw materials instead of raw materials derived from chemical and PLA stic industries can help control greenhouse gases, using substances obtained from PLA nts such as corn starch etc. and biodegradable from renewable raw materials and fossil raw materials/Compostable polymers, these renewable raw materials use carbon dioxide from the atmosphere to be absorbed by PLA nts through photosynthesis, reducing negative impact on the environment.

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