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Biodegradable PLA stic bags have”poison”Is it

The use of ordinary PLA stic bags has a history of hundreds of years. While it brings convenience to human life, it also brings great damage to the human environment. To some extent, it is also “toxic”. In order to solve this problem, scientists have synthesized a series of polyester materials that can be decomposed by microorganisms through research, as well as some green materials extracted and synthesized from renewable resources (such as straw, bagasse, corn starch, etc.) to manufacture Green PLA stic bags that are truly biodegradable. Although biodegradable PLA stic bags are more environmentally friendly than ordinary PLA stic bags, they are still expensive. Compared with some manufacturers in the market who cut corners or add some inferior additives to reduce costs and make “toxic” PLA stic bags in order to save costs, our company has always insisted on using good raw materials and good craftsmanship to produce, and will never cut corners and materials. Second charge. It has always been our company’s goal to be a manufacturer of exquisite and environmentally friendly packaging bags. Therefore, whether biodegradable PLA stic bags are “toxic” is not valid for Wuxi yltpacking.

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