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Biodegradable PLA stic bags need correct understanding, detailed labeling, and reasonable promotion

PLA stic is difficult to degrade, and it is easy to produce harmful substances when burned, which is a difficult problem for garbage disposal at present. Especially disposable PLA stic products are difficult to recycle and cause serious white pollution. To solve this problem, degradable PLA stics have been developed——It not only has the performance of traditional PLA stics, but also is biodegradable. Wouldn’t it be a joy for everyone??However, compared with traditional petroleum-based PLA stics, this type of PLA stic is easier to break in the natural environment, at least reducing the risk of marine life being fatal due to ingestion or entanglement.Fully biodegradable PLA stic bags are made entirely of bio-based materials, all of which biodegrade into carbon dioxide and water. “Degradable”,”biomaterials”Such words can easily misunderstand the public, thinking that these biodegradable PLA stic bags can be easily decomposed in nature like straw and leaves, and become a part of nature. So California2008A decree was promulgated in 2009, prohibiting merchants from using”biodegradable PLA stic”to promote the name.Correct understanding, detailed identification, reasonable promotionWe are not against the use of biodegradable PLA stics, which is still a direction to solve the PLA stic problem. The various types of”biodegradable material”. Currently on the market”biodegradable PLA stic”Contains a variety of materials and degradation conditions, and the reasonable destination after use is also different. If they are all marked as”Degradable”It will inevitably cause trouble for subsequent processing. For example, if it can only be degraded under composting conditions, should it be marked as”industrially compostable PLA stic”instead of”biodegradable PLA stic”. Including what kind of raw materials are used and whether they are recyclable, they should be clearly marked, so that they can be properly classified and disposed of at the end.

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