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Biodegradable PLA stic convenience bags are not only convenient

Health and environmental protection also need convenience. Ordinary PLA stic bags can only achieve convenience. Health and environmental protection are its shortcomings, but biodegradable PLA stic convenience bags can do it all.Why do you say that? First of all, in terms of production process, biodegradable materials are relatively mature, and the production process and product characteristics of biodegradable PLA stic convenience bags can already re PLA ce ordinary PLA stic bags very well. Secondly, from the perspective of biodegradable materials, the materials are organic polymer materials extracted from PLA nts. Under composting conditions,180It can be degraded into water and carbon dioxide in a day; and because it is derived from PLA nt species, the biodegradable PLA stic convenience bag has antibacterial effect, which is environmentally friendly and healthy.From these two conditions, biodegradable PLA stic convenience bags are convenient, environmentally friendly and healthy. They are an upgraded product of ordinary PLA stic bags and one of the solutions to reduce white pollution.

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