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Biodegradable PLA stic is the terminator of white pollution

Today, when white pollution is rampant, traditional PLA stics, the source of white pollution, are still widely used in various industries such as industry, agriculture, household, and commerce. As one of the four pillar materials, traditional PLA stics PLA y an inestimable role in promoting China’s national economic growth. The many advantages of traditional PLA stics make people more and more dependent on it and cannot do without it. It is unrealistic to rely on the general public to raise environmental awareness or shut down traditional PLA stic production enterprises to reduce white pollution. Most single-use water bottles are made of PET PLA stic, which is considered one of the most harmful PLA stics to the environment. But researchers have recently identified a bacterium that may save our PLA net. The bacteria can thrive on PLA stic and then break it down into usable carbon in two steps, a biodegradation technique. , Degradable PLA stics Even if the general public’s awareness of environmental protection to eliminate white pollution improves, if no substitutes for traditional PLA stics can be found, the problem of white pollution will still become more and more serious. Under such circumstances, there is a high demand for degradable PLA stic products to be released globally. Since the 1970s, many scientists have invested in the development of degradable PLA stics, and the research enthusiasm has continued to heat up. Due to technical and cost reasons, the desire to re PLA ce traditional PLA stics with degradable PLA stic products on a large scale is still difficult to achieve. However, with the progress of scientific research and technological breakthroughs, many degradable PLA stic products have been introduced to the market around the world, and under the influence of the government and various forces, they are gradually PLA ying a role. International standards and national standards for degradable PLA stics have been promulgated one after another with the progress of scientific research, before the products are released to the market, and are constantly updated with the progress of scientific research. The introduction of degradable PLA stic products into the market has further promoted the corresponding standards and regulations, especially the introduction of degradable PLA stic terminal consumer product standards. These standards and regulations are obstacles to the current and future global circulation of degradable PLA stic products. The market for degradable PLA stics is expanding rapidly around the world, and the market is vast. The research and development of degradable PLA stic products in China is at the forefront of the world, and there are already degradable PLA stic products on the market. Studying the relevant standards and regulations of the world and various countries and regions is an inevitable need for degradable PLA stics to avoid export risks and promote market development. Biodegradable PLA stic: Under composting conditions, it can be degraded into water and carbon dioxide within 180 days without any pollution to the natural environment.


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