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Biodegradable PLA stic products solve the pollution problem for PLA stic products

PLA stic waste, also known as “white pollution”, has become an important factor threatening the ecological environment. China uses 3 billion PLA stic bags every day, and the annual waste exceeds 300 tons. It takes 200 to 400 years for them to degrade. Therefore, how to solve the problem of “white pollution” is a public issue that governments of all countries in the world and people of insight from all walks of life attach great importance to. The widespread use of PLA stic products has brought people a lot of convenience and great wealth, but PLA stic waste has also brought a lot of troubles to people, and even disasters. At present, some countries regard biodegradable PLA stics as the fourth important application materials after metal materials, inorganic materials and polymer materials, and have become the focus of research and development of industrial developed countries. Especially in recent years, the development of biodegradable PLA stics in the world is relatively rapid. Its products have been widely used in the field of packaging. Biodegradable PLA stic products still have shortcomings. Because the raw materials are not mass-produced, the price of their products is relatively high, and large-scale promotion and application are affected. In recent years, the number of countries and regions that ban PLA stic has increased the promotion of biodegradable PLA stic products. support. Wuxi yltpacking Environmental Protection Co., Ltd. has developed biodegradable hand bags, pull-out bags, milk tea bags, vest bags, flat bags, etc., which support custom printing.

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