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Biodegradable PLA stics better interpret environmental protection

In modern society, the PLA stic packaging industry PLA ys an irre PLA ceable role in various fields such as food, beverages, daily necessities, and bulk chemicals. At present, China’s PLA stic packaging industry has a considerable technical level and a certain scale, and has become a major PLA yer in China’s PLA stics and packaging industries. One of the large-scale fields, the emergence of biodegradable PLA stics also provides a solution for the sustainable development of the PLA stics market. With the continuous upgrading of the downstream consumer market and the gradual enhancement of social environmental protection awareness, China’s PLA stic packaging industry is pursuing a higher level of green and safe development. “Environmental protection” has long been a keyword in the packaging industry, and green packaging is a major trend in the development of the world’s packaging industry. In recent years, new types of degradable PLA stic packaging materials such as biodegradable PLA stics, photodegradable PLA stics, and water-soluble PLA stics have become hot spots in the research and development of packaging materials at home and abroad. Under the new situation, China’s Internet industry is in the ascendant, e-commerce and catering takeaway business are developing rapidly, and the corresponding express delivery PLA stic packaging bags and fast food boxes are also increasing, which has caused greater pressure on China’s environment. The development of biodegradable PLA stics has already It has become one of the directions that domestic related enterprises focus on.

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