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Biodegradable plastic found in disposable straws

The production of biodegradable plastics is considered to be a tool to solve plastic pollution, especially a special tool to deal with the ecological problem of plastic food touching raw materials (such as disposable plastic straws).”It resolves automatically without resolution”It is the understanding and expectation of him.The United Nations Environment Programme released a”Biodegradable plastics and marine litter: concerns and hazards to marine resources”report, calling for clean-up”biodegradable plastic”Misunderstandings under the logo. App identified as”biodegradable”Commodities that are not likely to significantly reduce the amount of plastic debris entering the deep sea or reduce the physical and organic chemical risks of plastic to the deep sea composition. contain”Biodegradable”or”100%Biodegradable”The marked food plastic packaging is very easy to be misunderstood by customers, which increases the frequency of arbitrary purchase and processing, and aggravates the problem of plastic pollution.Some plastic bags labeled biodegradable evenPlacement under a variety of geographic environment standards3Years can also be used normally. Oxydissolvable or biodegradable plastic bags that were rated did not primarily exhibit a stronger actual effect of dissolution than basic plastic bags. The industry’s leading European Regional Bioplastics Research Association has questioned the sound nature of the scientific study, arguing that the scientific study misunderstood the value of biodegradable and compostable plastics.Its efficacy in tackling plastic pollution has been debated. The reason is that, in addition to the harm of unclear current policies, unhealthy standards, and controversial scientific research, the harm of the masses and the field to biodegradable plastics is also important because of unclear definitions and confusion. Indiscriminate use, indiscriminate use of biodegradable labels, and even false propaganda. Some typical misconceptions are: making bio-based plastics equivalent to biodegradable plastics. Consider biodegradability as biodegradable. Biodegradation in the case of industrially produced retting is considered to be biodegradable in the environment.

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