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Biodegradable products create a beautiful new environment

While traditional polymer materials bring convenience to people’s lives and improve the quality of life, a large amount of waste after use is also increasing day by day, which has caused a non-negligible negative impact on the environment on which human beings depend. It is worth noting that disposable PLA stic products have a short service life, stable physical and chemical properties, and are difficult to degrade naturally. Therefore, the generation of a large number of disposable PLA stic wastes has led to the frequent occurrence of various environmental pollution problems including “white pollution”, which seriously endangers the ecological safety of land and water bodies and the health of human and animal life. A stubborn disease. Currently, it is urgent to find new environmentally friendly materials, and biodegradable materials are an effective way to solve such problems. Biodegradable materials can be decomposed under the action of environmental microorganisms, and finally be inorganicized to become an integral part of the carbon cycle in nature. They are ideal materials for disposable PLA stic products and an important way to solve PLA stic waste pollution. Although biodegradable products are not a new term, it is still unfamiliar to most ordinary people. When you bring biodegradable products to people, they pay more attention to the price, because from the outside, they are not much different from ordinary PLA stic products, but the price is much higher, so although people are interested in biodegradable products Products are very interesting, but under realistic cost accounting, they will still choose ordinary PLA stic products. No need to reason with people, cost accounting always comes first unless disaster is imminent. Therefore, although biodegradable products have excellent functions such as being degradable, harmless to the environment, and benefiting future generations, it is still necessary to find ways to reduce costs before they can be popularized.

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