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Biodegradable products make the soil full of life

The environmental protection function of biodegradable bags is beyond doubt. The degradability is inherent in the product itself. Environmental protection is a very important theme.,The desertification and pollution of the land are also very obvious, and biodegradable products can make the soil regenerate.Since most of our garbage is disposed of in landfills, some pollutants have not been properly disposed of after landfills, making the soil dry and barren, affecting the growth and development of crops and PLA nts.Biodegradable bags and kitchen waste are landfilled and fermented together. Since they are made of bio-based materials extracted from PLA nts, they can be degraded under composting conditions to produceCO2,H2OAnd bio-organic fertilizers, improving barren land, making crops and PLA nts nutritious.

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