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Biodegradable shopping bags can provide”Green”health plan

White waste, especially single-use plastic waste, has become a huge threat to the geographical environment and people’s physical and mental health. Fully biodegradable packaging bag is a very good solution, it can provide”plastic trash”Giving a green solution should get a lot of marketing.In order to promote the biodegradable plastic industry, the two sessions have formulated relevant laws and regulations in my country to encourage practitioners and consumers to apply”green”Biodegradable materials, non-degradable plastics used in tube bundles of disposable plastic packaging products, packaging bags, food packaging materials, agricultural mulching films for agriculture and animal husbandry, etc. Improve the correct guidance and publicity planning of large shopping malls.How to support the biodegradable plastics industry?There are three key points 1Encourage companies to tackle key issues in the generation, modification of materials, and recycling application expertise, and support the construction of industrial production demonstration processing plants. Select industries with key professional skills, such as supporting industrial production such as new energy vehicles and solar power generation, and support and encourage companies to conduct scientific research and modernization of professional skills according to project funding support and tax policies. 2, After the production of degradable biological materials and the provision of composition, they are mainly used in disposable packaging bags and disposable packaging. It is proposed to give appropriate subsidies to biodegradable material production companies and to levy mandatory income tax on the use of non-biodegradable materials. 3. Increase the support of large financial markets for the industrial production of biodegradable materials, and support the sale of relevant high-quality companies in the scientific and technological unconventional board.In our daily life, many of us often use plastic vest bags to pack cooked vegetables, convenient, time and inconvenience. In fact, the use of biodegradable packaging does not mean physical and mental health, safety and environmental hygiene. If it is used unreasonably, it is usually convenient for a while, but it is likely to cause physical and mental health hazards to the human body. For example, withpvcThe plastic vest bags made of materials cannot be used as cooked vegetables because they contain plasticizers. Plasticizers for import and export packaging bags are also called plasticizers. Adding tackifiers in the production process of plastic products can develop the flexibility of the products and make the production and processing easier and easier. Plasticizers are commonly used in the production of plastics, vulcanized rubber, adhesives, methyl cellulose, epoxy resins, cables and other commodities. Plasticizer products are100Various, phthalates are widely used. A small amount of plasticizer is not harmful to health, but excessive intake of plasticizer will harm the body’s endocrine disorders.

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