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Biodegradable straws give disposable straws a new starting point

Whether you drink milk tea, coffee, or cola, straws are important”tool”. However, human habitual factors make PLA stic straws have to withdraw from the market, and most people may not realize the harm caused by a large number of PLA stic straws to the environment. From the creatures in rivers, lakes and seas, to the food we eat and the water we drink, PLA stic pollution has penetrated into every aspect of life.For the health of consumers, a fast food chain giant announced in China that from11moon1Starting today, its chain stores will gradually re PLA ce PLA stic straws with biodegradable straws. Biodegradable straws can completely re PLA ce PLA stic straws in function, and biodegradable straws are PLA ced in composting conditions180Tianxia can be completely degraded into water and carbon dioxide, making a truly pollution-free and green straw. PLA stic pollution is shocking, and the war against it is irreversible, so we should act to save ourselves.

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