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breakthrough in the production technology of composite aluminum foil bags has become an innovation drive—aluminum foil packaging bags

Since the reform and opening up, although China’s composite aluminum foil bags have achieved rapid development, they still face many problems. There are very few domestic manufacturers of composite aluminum foil bags with high technical content and high quality, and most of them stay at the medium and low speed level. Compa with similar foreign products, both in terms of the development level of production machinery, technical content and application promotion, they are not satisfactory. Occupied by foreign products. In addition to some manufacturers specializing in the production of composite aluminum foil bags, some domestic universities and scientific research institutes have also participated in the development and production of composite aluminum foil bags, relying on the scientific research strength of various universities and scientific research institutes. [Aluminum foil packaging bags] The development and production of domestic composite aluminum foil bags will have a major breakthrough in the near future. With the increasing market size of China’s composite aluminum foil bags, the increasing variety of products, the increasing number of composite aluminum foil bag manufacturers, and the continuous improvement of production automation, the market demand for composite aluminum foil bags is also expanding. In order to gain a foothold in the international market, China’s composite aluminum foil bags not only rely on advanced development technology, but also need to intensify efforts to comprehensively renovate the equipment, so that the technology of the equipment can be improved again, and the automation technology can be fully realized. At the same time, independent innovation is requi to produce equipment suitable for domestic and foreign market needs. Composite packaging bag, aluminum foil bag, plastic packaging bag

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