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Brief introduction of aluminum foil bags

Brief introduction of aluminum foil bagThe material of aluminum foil bag is generallyNYPA/CPEorPET/NYPA/CPEAppearance: opaque, silver-white, reflective, with anti-static, anti-electromagnetic interference function, good moisture resistance, high transparency, low (oxygen) permeability, good light-proof, high resistance, low temperature resistance, resistance It has the characteristics of strong corrosion, high tensile strength and puncture resistance, high barrier strength, easy heat sealing, good sealing, not easy to age, tasteless and nontoxic. The products are suitable for packaging of various electronic products, chemical raw materials (granules, powder), various circuit boards, lining of large ton bags, various precision machinery parts and packaging of large machinery and equipment, etc. (PCboard, most sub-components,ICintegrated circuit,LDEindustry polarizers, backlight modules, aerospace, etc.), the material can be free of amides, free of silicone oil, chloride ions and dust particles, reaching the thousand-level standard, and the commonly used thickness is0.07MM-0.18MM,And can reach different standards of water vapor and oxygen transmission rate, in line withROHSEnvironmental requirements. Bag type classification: flat pocket, ziplock bag, envelope bag, large square three-dimensional bag, special-shaped bag, organ bag. According to the different requirements of customers, we can print words, patterns, trademarks, etc.!The characteristics of aluminum foil bags are: 1.Strong air barrier performance.Antioxidant.water proof.moisture-proof; 2.Strong mechanical properties.High blast resistance.Strong puncture and tear resistance; 3.high temperature resistant (121°C).Low temperature resistance(-50°C).Oil resistant.Good fragrance retention; 4.Non-toxic and tasteless, in line with food.Hygienic standards for pharmaceutical packaging; 5.Good heat sealing performance.softness.High barrier properties are good.

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