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brief introduction to the customization of self-supporting aluminum foil bags

The characteristics of flexible packaging are the design of printing patterns and novel shapes on the appearance. Many food packaging manufacturers have some small problems in the customization of self-supporting aluminum foil bags. Compared with traditional standard packaging bags, self-supporting aluminum foil bags need to pay attention to the bag-making process during production, which is prone to quality inspection problems, uneven bag shape and poor symmetry, etc. These affect the appearance of the packaging bag and directly affect the consumer’s desire to buy. Tea packaging bags, composite packaging bags The flatness of self-standing aluminum foil bags is generally not only related to the selection of production materials, but also related to machine heat sealing temperature, pressure, time and cooling. During production, high temperature or high heat sealing pressure and long heat sealing time will cause the composite film to shrink and deform, which will affect the subsequent bag forming; When the food packaging bag factory is produced, pay attention to the tension control of the bottom material to avoid the deformation of the bottom or the mismatch of tension; in addition to the problem of the bottom material, the asymmetry of the bag shape is also related to factors such as photoelectric tracking, feeding, cursor design, and rubber roller balance. According to different flexible packaging, different bag making equipment in the actual production to solve. vacuum bag

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