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Can biodegradable bags solve white pollution?

Bio PLA stics are also known as degradable PLA stics. then we think”bio PLA stic”Still PLA stic! The reason why bio PLA stics can be degraded is based on a premise! It must rely on limited land resources and chemical-intensive industrial agriculture! Secondly, your city must have industrial composting measures, and you know which designated trash bin this PLA stic variety should be put into!In response to the voice of this question, I think my understanding is somewhat one-sided. There are many types of degradable materials, and one type of biodegradable material is a bio-based polymer material that can be swallowed by microorganisms. Biodegradable bags made of this material break down into carbon dioxide and water under composting conditions.While there are no apparent scientific studies confirming that marine organisms can degrade this type of PLA stic, research has begun on biodegradable materials that can be broken down by marine microbes.Bio PLA stics cannot currently solve the PLA stic pollution crisis! But the crisis can be alleviated and eventually eliminated. The promotion of biodegradable bags and biodegradable products should solve white pollution.

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