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Can biodegradable plastic bags hold food?

Can fully biodegradable plastic bags hold food? Plastic bags can also be called food bags, because most plastic bags are used to put some food, such as some fresh fruit when shopping. The use of plastic bags is also restricted under the constraints of the relevant strategic policy. As long as it meets my country’s standards, it can be used as a commercial service plastic bag. At this stage, everyone advocates degradable plastic bags. Here, the biodegradable bag manufacturer tells you if the item can touch the food.From a technical professional perspective, it looks like a relatively environmentally friendly degradable plastic bag. In addition, whether this type of plastic bag can touch the actual object depends on whether it meets the food-grade standard. Different manufacturers have different quality regulations. If you use it to touch some food, you can choose a food-grade degradable bag. However, if there is no food-grade plastic bag, it is very likely to cause some environmental pollution during the whole process of use, and it is very likely to touch some heavy metals exceeding the standard, which is also a very big threat to the body. Therefore, it is possible to touch the food at the level of plastic bags.In fact, it is difficult for ordinary people to distinguish what is general and what is degradable. In short, degradable plastic bags can split immediately after touching the microbial species. Thus, they are less prone to white garbage and are more environmentally friendly.It can be seen from the above data that this type of biodegradable bag can touch the food, but for those who do not meet the requirements, it is recommended not to touch the food, which can not only ensure food safety, but also avoid some risks caused by inappropriate standards.

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