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Can flexible packaging become a value-for-money product in the new era?

How can attractive packaging be designed?1. What does an impressive packaging design look like?As the saying goes, product packaging can be designed in a million ways to impress. But there are several elements that are important reference values——Simple, fun and textured.Concise first. In the era of beauty, if the packaging of the product is full of specific information about the product, it will make it difficult for people to identify effective information. The impact of the visual image is the first, which can make consumers feel”nice”, is half the battle.More fun. is now80after and90It is particularly important to grasp the consumer psychology of the generation that has become the main consumer. The environment in which these two generations grew up is the era of reading pictures and individualized consumerism, then”taste”to gain their psychological recognition.Lastly, the texture. In short, texture refers to”What materials are used to design the packaging”. Long-lasting packaging designs must be warm, firm and relevant. The packaging full of texture, on the psychological level, it is easier to gain the trust of consumers.2. Why is such a packaging design attractive?Since attractive packaging design is inseparable from simplicity, fun and texture, let’s go back to the source, why is such a design attractive? In short, there are three layers of factors: visual philosophy, convenience and uniqueness of function, and sense of class belonging.First, the philosophy of vision. When we see a beautiful packaging design, we often have sympathy. If a brand wants to form a persistent and fixed brand appeal, it must leave a deep impression on the view. Whether your packaging is simple, playful, or full of texture, visuality is a must first consideration.Secondly, the convenience and uniqueness of the function. Focusing on the functionality of the packaging, the convenient and unique design will give people an eye-catching feeling. When your packaging creates such a psychological effect- “It’s still possible””This is indeed a very user-friendly design”, the brand image of the product is almost built.Finally, a sense of class belonging. Undoubtedly, when you choose a product, in an implicit sense, you choose to belong to a certain consumer class. At this level, the packaging design of a product is not a simple visual expression.3. How are the attractive packaging designed?As a special category of visual communication design, packaging design needs to follow certain basic principles. Specifically, it includes functional design principles and brand design principles.First, the principle of efficacy design. When designing product packaging, the consideration of efficacy mainly includes three aspects: protection performance design, convenient performance design and promotion performance design.Protection performance design refers to moisture-proof, mildew-proof, mothproof, shockproof, leakproof, shatterproof, anti-extrusion, etc. Convenience performance design refers to the design of product packaging to be suitable for commercial use.

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