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Can fully biodegradable plastics really degrade?

At present, most of the plastic products widely used in daily life are partially dissolved. Among them, the expected effect of re-dissolution of plastic products based on tapioca starch, if it is a product made of pure tapioca starch, can guarantee that most and the chemical substances produced and processed can be recycled and reused, and the time of dissolution is also determined by the geographical environment. If it is in a dry geographical environment, the dissolution time will increase. At present, some areas have long been The new products have developed differentiated products based on tapioca starch, some of which are guaranteed to dissolve for the most part.The chemical substances of fully biodegradable plastics are determined by the fully biodegradable raw materials that make up plastic products, such asPSB(Tapioca starch microbial fully dissolved raw material),His raw material mainly comes from tapioca starch, so carbon dioxide and water are the result of its melting. There are also other dissolved raw materials, since important nutrients containPPWhen the raw materials cannot be dissolved, there are still plastics in the residue after dissolution, which will cause higher damage to soil stratification and reduce the characteristics of water penetration.

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