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Causes and solutions of poor appearance of food bags!

The method for manufacturing advanced flexible packaging composite packaging materials when food bags are compounded is currently the most widely used production method with the largest output and highest quality. As it relates to the substrate, ink, glue, equipment, climate and many other issues, problems often arise! Causes: 1. The adhesive tape is even with intaglio marks. 2. Too much gluing 3. Poor lubricity of substrate surface. 4. There are impurities in the transfer film guide roller 5. There are sundries or damages on the scraper, resulting in scratch marks 6. The winding tension is high, and the film is wrinkled 7. The environment humidity is high or water is trapped during processing, and there is CO2 between layers that has not been discharged, resulting in whitening. Solution: 1. Adjust the viscosity, concentration and scraper angle of the feed liquid, and replace the intaglio roll. 2. Reset the coating amount or replace the Austrian plate roller 3. Increase the temperature of the composite roller 4. Clean the guide roller 5. Clean or grind the scraper 6. Adjust the winding tension and speed 7. Increase the drying temperature and reduce the ambient humidity.

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