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Changes in the structure of tea packaging bags

According to market adjustments, we started to do some product uploads and article updates for tea packaging bags, because the demand for tea packaging bags is very large. So what are the characteristics of tea packaging bags? Of course, according to different customized requirements, its functions and characteristics may also be different, and in general terms, tea packaging bags have related functions such as avoiding light, preserving fragrance, anti-oxidation, and improving the shelf life of tea. At present, the common food packaging bags on the market are: three-side sealing tea packaging bags, self-supporting tea packaging bags, middle-sealing organ tea packaging bags and the latest popular eight-side sealing flat-bottomed tea packaging bags. The price of this packaging bag is relatively expensive. , but because it can stand on its own, has a good visual effect, and submits the grade and publicity role of the tea, some tea manufacturers have also begun to transfer to the customization of this packaging bag. As shown in the picture below, our company’s latest side zipper aluminized kraft paper square bottom bag is used to package tea: With the continuous development of social economy, the types and styles of tea packaging bags are also constantly updated with people’s ideas. , but also more and more humane and creative. But for some small tea packaging bags, such as independent small tea packaging bags, the structure used is still three-side sealing and middle sealing organ.

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