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Characteristics and future opportunities of stand-up packaging bags

With the rapid development of China’s packaging industry, it has indirectly caused many environmental problems. This is the opportunity for the packaging industry to win the second big development opportunity for the packaging industry to fully enter the environmental protection industry. Enterprises plan and strategically deploy as soon as possible. It is expected to remain competitive in the industry in the future. At present, packaging waste is increasing day by day, packaging bag recycling technology has been initially mature, and the state proposes that solid waste should be treated in the direction of reduction, harmlessness, and resource utilization of condiment packaging bags. Invest in the recycling of packaging waste. Not only is it feasible, but it will also promote the development of the packaging industry. Composite packaging bags, aluminum foil bags, plastic packaging bags On the one hand, this is in line with the sustainable development strategy proposed by the country, and the strengthening of environmental protection issues solves the worries of the development of the packaging industry, and also opens up new economic growth points for it. On the other hand, entering the environmental protection industry can develop a cheap source of raw materials for the packaging industry, reduce the original production cost, and have both economic and ecological benefits. In the era of extremely rich commodities, packaging has been given a new era of content. Packaging not only plays a role in carrying, but also seals and preserves it to prolong the shelf life. In addition, packaging also plays a role in decoration and beautification of commodities. This has a positive effect on the sales of the product and the brand image. The types of packaging forms have also changed, and more and more novel packaging has appeared on the market, enriching the packaging market. As a novel plastic flexible packaging, the stand-up packaging bag stands out in the packaging market by virtue of its small size, good packaging effect, novel and interesting, foldable, recyclable and many other advantages different from other packaging containers. The bottomed and self-standing flexible packaging bag evolved from the bag has a variety of packaging forms, which can be added with zippers or straws. Since the bottom of the self-supporting packaging bag is a supporting structure, its shelf effect is also outstanding, and the cost is relatively high. The octagonal seal is much lower. The stand-up packaging bag has advantages in improving the product grade, portability, fresh-keeping and sealing effect. Adds a protective layer to prolong its freshness effect. Stand-up pouches are widely used in juice drinks, sports drinks, inhalable jelly, condiments, etc. In addition to being widely used in food packaging, they are also used in the packaging of washing products, daily necessities, cosmetics and other products. In summary, the self-supporting packaging bag is a novel and interesting plastic flexible packaging material with low production cost and the best packaging effect. In recent years, the self-supporting bag has gradually replaced the traditional packaging forms such as plastic bottles. Portable, novel and interesting packaging advantages stand out in the packaging market, enrich the entire packaging market, bring convenience and fun to our lives, and at the same time do not cause pollution and burden to the environment.

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