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Characteristics of aluminized bags and their production process

Aluminized bags, aluminum foil bags, aluminum foil stand-up bags, aluminum-plated bags, etc. by designing dazzling patterns. Its bright metallic luster, excellent gas and light barrier properties, and good moisture resistance, heat resistance, and puncture resistance; it also has excellent adaptability to printing and lamination. The inner transparent PE film has good heat-sealability and can be To ensure the firmness of the sealing edge. In general, the color aluminized bags have self-adhesive strips or easy-tear strips at the mouth of the bag to facilitate packaging. The aluminum-plated bags are of high quality and bright colors. The packaging of aluminum alloy bags and other industries with environmental protection requirements have a certain degree of protection from light, and of course they can still pass through a certain amount of light. Since the aluminized bag has a certain degree of opacity and has better performance of reflecting light, the printing effect of the bag is better, the color is fuller, and the gloss is better. Compared to aluminum foil bags, bags are less prone to wrinkles. Features of aluminized bags Product appearance: opaque, silver-white, with reflective luster. Features of aluminized bags: good barrier properties, heat sealing properties, shading properties, high temperature resistance, low temperature resistance, oil resistance, fragrance retention; non-toxic and tasteless; softness and other characteristics. Aluminized bags mainly have the advantages of anti-static; vacuuming; light isolation, oxygen; waterproof, moisture-proof; anti-volatile; high tensile strength; high-grade and exquisite packaging, etc. Aluminized bags are suitable for moisture-proof, light-proof and vacuum packaging of food, pharmaceutical raw materials, biochemical, chemical raw materials, pharmaceutical intermediates, and lithium iron phosphate cathode materials. The aluminized bag adopts a four-layer structure, with good toughness, high strength, and good water and oxygen barrier functions. Some manufacturing processes of aluminized composite films Four-layer composite: pet/ny/mpet/pe, etc., nylon film is generally added to increase the softness of the composite bag. Three-layer composite: matopp/mpet/pe; opp/mpet/pe, etc., (commonly used in mask bags); pet/mpet/pe, etc., (commonly used in shampoo bags) Two-layer composite: opp/mpet; vmpet/pe, etc. , (the above structures are often used in toy packaging); opp/mcpp, etc., (commonly used in biscuit packaging); 2. Aluminized composite bags can be divided into two types according to the material structure: pure aluminum composite bags and aluminized composite film packaging bags. (including paper-aluminum composite bags) Pure aluminum composite bags: opp/al/pe; pet/al/pe, etc.; aluminized composite bags: pet/mpet/pe; vmpetp, etc. The product has: anti-static, anti-ultraviolet, moisture-proof barrier It has the characteristics of oxygen shading, cold resistance, oil resistance and high temperature resistance, fresh-keeping and oxygen barrier and easy sealing. Various kinds of daily chemical, industrial labels; used in industrial packaging, daily chemical packaging, food packaging bags, medicine, hygiene, electronics, aerospace, technology, military and other fields; aluminized composite film packaging bags are a combination of various packaging advantages. The packaging products are low cost and beautifully printed;

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