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Characteristics of aluminum foil bags composite container

Aluminum foil composite film can be used as trademark material with good decoration effect. It is widely used in cooking bags, composite bags, food bags, zipper bags and other industries! Aluminum foil composites can also be used in hard containers. The main product is a composite tank. The tank is composed of a tank body, a tank cover and a tank bottom, each made of different materials. The tank body is generally of three-layer structure. The inner layer is aluminum foil coated with polyvinylidene glycol, the middle layer is plastic composite film, and the outer layer is wound with single-layer or multi-layer cardboard. The composite tank has good sealing and insulation, and can be used for aseptic packaging, vacuum packaging or controlled gas packaging. It is widely used to package various dry and wet foods, fast food, beverages, condiments, milk powder, edible oil, mechanical oil, cleaning agents, etc. The shelf life of food is more than – years. The thickness of aluminum foil is generally large, and the commonly used thickness is 30? 40ym, up to 150Hm, depending on the size of the container. If the container is small, the aluminum foil is also thin. The tank bottom cover can be made of tinplate, aluminum alloy, plastic or composite cardboard and can be easily opened.

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