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Characteristics of aluminum-plastic composite bags

Characteristics and applications of commonly used composite bags of different plastic materials:one,BOPP/LLDPETwo-layer composite bagFeatures: moisture-proof, cold-resistant, low-temperature heat sealing and strong tensile strength;Application: instant noodles, snacks, frozen snacks, powder packaging, etc.two,BOPP/CPPTwo-layer composite bagFeatures: moisture-proof, oil-resistant, high transparency, good stiffness;Application: instant noodles, biscuits, candy, all kinds of light food, etc.three,BOPP/VMCPPTwo-layer composite bagFeatures: moisture-proof, oil-resistant, oxygen-blocking, shading, good stiffness;Application: all kinds of dry food, fried food, potato chips, etc.Four,BOPP/VMPET/LLDPEThree-layer composite bagFeatures: moisture-proof, oxygen-proof, shading;Application: all kinds of food, rice snacks, snacks, tea, etc.five,PET/CPPTwo-layer composite bagFeatures: moisture-proof, oxygen-proof, fragrance-preserving, high temperature resistance;Application: cooking, alcoholic food, flavored food, etc.six,PET/PET/CPPThree-layer composite bagFeatures: moisture-proof, high temperature resistance, easy to seal;Application: powder packaging, soy sauce, liquid, shampoo, etc.Among the many composite bags, the aluminum-plastic composite bag is the most common one. Let’s talk about the aluminum-plastic composite bag.Aluminum-plastic composite bag (vacuum bag or aluminum foil bag) is a packaging product that integrates various packaging advantages, with low cost and exquisite printing. , The characteristics of fresh-keeping and oxygen barrier are strong and easy to seal.Features of aluminum-plastic composite bag printed matter:High flatness, bright printing color, can be equipped with zipper, partial matte, bronzing and other special processes. Unique design, new printing process, highlight pattern design and trademark effect, can design special trademark or pattern, play a good anti-counterfeiting effect, and can highlight the high-grade and distinctive shelf effect of the product.Types of aluminum-plastic composite bags: 1.According to the material structure, it can be divided into: pure aluminum bag, aluminized bag (including paper aluminum composite bag) pure aluminum composite bag:opp/al/pe;pet/al/peetc.; Aluminized composite bag:pet/vmpet/pe;vmpet/cppWait. 2.According to the function, it can be divided into: anti-static product packaging bag, anti-ultraviolet daily chemical product packaging bag, etc. 3.According to the process structure, it can be divided into: two-layer composite, three-layer composite and four-layer composite, and the material structure can be combined according to customer requirements. Two-layer composite:opp/vmpet;vmpet/peWait,(The above types of structures are often used in toy packaging);opp/vmcppetc., (often used in biscuit packaging); three-layer composite: matopp/vmpet/pe;opp/vmpet/peWait,(Commonly used in mask bags);pet/vmpet/peetc., (often used in shampoo bags); four-layer compound:pet/ny/vmpet/peetc., nylon film is generally added to increase the softness of the composite bag. 4.According to the bag type, it can be divided into: three-side sealing, self-supporting bag, self-supporting nozzle bag, special-shaped self-supporting bag, bag-in-box, special packaging bag, etc.Product classification and application of aluminum-plastic composite bags:Vacuum aluminum foil bags, yin and yang aluminum foil bags, anti-static shielding bags, mesh electrostatic bags, anti-vibration electrostatic bags, electrostatic aluminum bags and various daily chemical, industrial labels, etc.; used in industrial packaging, daily chemical packaging, food packaging, Medicine & Health,Electronics, aerospace, technology, military and other fields. Common aluminum-plastic bag products in life include the following varieties: self-supporting food packaging bags, vacuum food packaging bags, self-supporting nozzle beverage bags, special-shaped self-supporting food bags, bag-in-box red wine liquid bags, high temperature cooking food bags, aluminum foil tea coffee bags , anti-static shielding electronic product bags, anti-ultraviolet daily chemical products bags, self-supporting hook sports portable water bags, bone zipper file bags, milk soy milk soy milk bags, etc.

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