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Characteristics of BOPP film

①. Excellent toughness and high mechanical strength. BOPA film has high tensile strength, tear strength, impact strength and crack resistance, which are the best plastic materials. ② It has excellent abrasion resistance, flexibility and puncture resistance, and is not easy to be pierced by the contents. It is often used for packaging products with sharp shuttle angles ③ Good barrier, fragrance retention and oil resistance. ④ The operating temperature range is wide, and it can be used for a long time at 60~130 ℃. In addition, the mechanical properties of BOPA remain excellent at low and high temperatures. ⑤ BOPA film has good hygiene, non-toxic, odorless, tasteless, and is suitable for packaging with high hygiene requirements. ⑥ Good optical property, high transparency, good gloss and decoration. ⑦ No static accumulation, good anti-static performance. ⑧ The performance of BOPA film is greatly affected by humidity, especially its dimensional stability and barrier property. Therefore, polyvinylidene chloride is often coated (called K-PA) or compounded with pE film to improve its water resistance, moisture resistance and heat sealing performance. After the BoPA film is affected with moisture, it will generally elongate laterally and shorten longitudinally, with an elongation of up to 1%, except for wrinkling. Nylon film and its composite film are mainly used for the packaging of greasy food (pickles, soy sauce, ham, sausage, meatballs, dried fish, grilled fish, dried beef), general food (milled rice, soybean paste, curry, hamburger), frozen food (frozen vegetables) and steamed and boiled food. BopA (or OpA) film has outstanding puncture resistance, good heat resistance and printing adaptability, and low oxygen permeability. As a puncture resistant flexible packaging material, it is widely used in vacuum packaging composite bags and food packaging bags with bones and thorns. Because of its good flexibility, it is also widely used as a reinforcing material in heavy packaging bags, such as high-temperature cooking resistant vacuum packaging bags for roast chicken and roast duck. It is used between CPP and Al to not only resist bone puncture, but also improve the overall strength of this large bag, and can adapt to the packaging of l~2k9 capacity. PA/pE composite film is widely used in food packaging. Nylon film is widely used to make composite films, as well as substrate carriers such as aluminized film, Aiyin foil and gold and silver wire heat-resistant separation film.

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