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Characteristics of plastic flexible packaging bags

The rapid development of flexible packaging is due to the obvious advantages of flexible plastic packaging bags. Through the winning works of the 2005 Flexible Packaging Design Competition, it can be seen that the structural design of the flexible packaging industry is more humanized and fully considered to facilitate the opening, use, carrying and storage of consumers; Including novel and unique structure. At the same time, the application of some intelligent materials in flexible packaging has also expanded the scope of application of flexible packaging, and become a development direction of the flexible packaging industry. The packaging bags with these characteristics meet the daily use requirements of consumers, and also promote the development of the flexible packaging industry. Features: 1. Rich selection of materials. There are many kinds of flexible packaging materials, including:; Paper, plastic, aluminized plastic, aluminum foil and other forms, their barrier performance increases in turn. During production, appropriate soft packaging materials can be selected according to the barrier performance requirements of the product for packaging materials and the product packaging form, and other factors, such as transparency, aesthetics, ease of use, economy, etc. 2. Advanced technology and safe production. The feeding, film making, printing and packaging of the flexible packaging process can also be completed at one time, which not only shortens the production cycle, but also reduces the possible pollution of the product caused by the environment and human factors and the impact on the product production process, ensuring the product safety and the requirements for the quality of the packaging bags. 3. It is easy to achieve automation and high production efficiency. As the flexible packaging process can be operated on a single machine, it is easy to automate the packaging process in today’s increasingly advanced control means, thus greatly improving production efficiency. 4. Low energy consumption, small transportation volume and low cost. The realization of flexible packaging of products can save the washing, drying, sterilization and other processes of containers, overcome the characteristics of high energy consumption, easy damage and large transportation volume, thus reducing the production cost. In fact, as the main material of flexible packaging, plastic, paper and plastic composite materials show the incomparable “three low” advantages except glass and metal. 5. Good sealing and long storage time. Due to the performance of flexible packaging materials, the products after packaging have good sealing and quality assurance, long storage time, and the shelf life can reach 1-5 years. 6. It is convenient for storage, transportation, sales and use. Tea farmers have various forms of soft packaging and different materials. However, they have good physical and chemical properties in the process of storage, transportation, sales and use, reflecting the advantages of convenience and safety. There is no end to the development of packaging materials and packaging technology. Some traditional packaging materials and containers are replaced by new materials and containers, which is inevitable in the market competition of technological development.

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