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China’s plastic packaging exceeds 50% of the total food packaging bags materials

Relevant data show that in China’s food packaging materials, the application of plastics has exceeded 50% of the total food packaging materials. So what are the trends of food plastic packaging bags? From rigid packaging to lighter and more environmentally friendly flexible packaging, food composite packaging films tend to be multi-functional and thin, biological packaging and degradable packaging, green, environmentally friendly and safe packaging additives are very popular, these new trends And innovation directions are showing that food plastic packaging is opening up new ground. [Food Bags​] Innovative trends in food plastic packaging: green, environmentally friendly, safe and lightweight, from rigid packaging to lighter and more environmentally friendly flexible packaging Modern food packaging bags not only provide physical protection for food and its contents, but also help prolong food The shelf life of the product, providing product information and displaying the brand image, are more convenient for consumers to use daily. Compa with other packaging materials and forms, such as glass, metal and hard plastic packaging, flexible plastic packaging is more environmentally friendly, saves raw materials and transportation costs, and thus better meets the needs of the modern packaging industry. Composite packaging bag, aluminum foil bag, plastic packaging bag

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