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Choose aluminum foil packaging bags for your product needs

There are various styles of customized packaging bags, and different composite materials cause different product performance. Aluminum foil bags are more suitable for you. Composite packaging bag, plastic packaging bag Aluminized film is a thin layer of aluminum cooked on top of the plastic film, which is essentially a plastic film, and the aluminum foil is a metal. The barrier property of aluminized film is not as good as that of aluminum foil, and the thickness of the aluminum layer is not as thick as that of aluminum foil. There are many types of aluminized films, such as aluminized PET film, aluminized CPP film, aluminized OPP film, aluminized nylon film, aluminized PE film and so on. Aluminum foil is aluminum foil, the thickness of aluminum foil is different, and the use is different. Vacuum packaging bags, tea packaging bags The cost of aluminized film is low, and the cost of aluminum foil is high. Aluminum foil is a metal material, and if it is folded, there will be creases that will not go down, but aluminized plastic film will not have this situation. If your product needs to be protected from light, water and air, you are not too concerned about the shape or use an aluminum foil bag as an inner packaging. If the storage conditions of the product are not so demanding, the outer packaging of the product is required to look better. Some recommended aluminized packaging bags. food bags, food packaging bags

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