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Classification and application of plastic bags

The appearance of PE plastic bag is not very transparent. It has a cloudy feeling. It has good toughness. Many hand bags are made of PE materials. Many products are packaged with PE plastic bags. There are also plastic bags with large specifications for industrial use. Therefore, PE plastic bags are widely used. The thinnest film blowing thickness of PE plastic bags can reach 1C, or even a little thinner, Many barreled water packages fall into that category. PO plastic bag has good load-bearing capacity, high hardness and slightly lower transparency than other plastic bags. Due to its good load-bearing capacity, it is widely used in shopping malls and hotels. Most vest bags are made of PO materials. The PVC plastic bag is soft, and its thickness is a little thicker than that of ordinary blown film plastic bags. The production of PVC plastic bags has many manual ingredients. At present, an automatic production line has not been formed, which is not as large as the output of other yuan line bags. Therefore, there is still a certain profit margin for the price. PVC plastic bags are not environment-friendly materials, so some industries have certain restrictions. PP plastic bag belongs to the transparent type among plastic bags for film blowing. It is generally used for the outer packaging of products. The OPP plastic bag is brittle and hard, with high visibility. If there is no gap, it is difficult to tear, but if there is a small gap, it can be torn without any effort. The processing technology is made by hot cutting and sealing machine. If the machine is not adjusted when cutting and sealing, or if the raw materials have problems, it is easy to burst. However, if the general items are not specifically required, there is generally no problem. There are two types of sealing edges, One is the line cutting seal, and the other is the explosion-proof edge cutting seal. In fact, they are both made in the same way, but because of the positive knife and the negative knife. In general, the process flow of OPP plastic bags is to cut the appropriate specifications first, then print the printed ones, fold the edges directly if there is no printing, add viscose and white pearlescent film according to the requirements of the order, and then place them for a period of time, then cut and seal them directly, punch holes according to the requirements of the customer, and then pack and ship. The scope of application of OPP plastic bags, such as greeting cards, jewelry, leather goods, clothing, etc. can often see the trace of OPP plastic bags.

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