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Classification of fully biodegradable materials

According to the source of raw materials, fully biodegradable plastics can be divided into two categories: bio-based biodegradable plastics and petrochemical-based biodegradable plastics.The key of bio-based biodegradable plastics can be divided into four categories: the first category is the plastic obtained by immediate production and processing of pure ecological stone; the second category is the biological fermentationThe high polymer obtained by participating in organic synthesis; the third type is the high polymer immediately generated by the microbial strain; the fourth type is the above-mentioned raw material co-polymer.Biodegradable plastics obtained by blending production and processing or by blending this raw material with other organically synthesized fully biodegradable plastics.Petrochemical-based biodegradable plastics refer to plastics obtained by individual polycondensation of petrochemical commodities by means of organic synthesis, such asPBAT, polybutylene succinateglycol ester (PBS), carbon dioxide polymer (PPC)Wait.According to the whole process of biodegradation, biodegradable plastics can be divided into two types: completely biodegradable plastics and destructive biodegradable plastics. devastating lifeBiodegradable plastics today mainly contain tapioca starch modified materials (or filled) high pressure polyethylenePE, polypropylenePP, polyethylenepvc, polyethylenePSWait

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