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Coffee bags with valve resealable zipper

1, coffee bags with valve
Coffee will naturally produce gas during storage when the coffee is packaged in bags. If the gas produced is not discharged promptly, it will bloat coffee and easily swell the bag. That will make your business hard. We can install a one-way degassing valve on the bag. You can cleverly solve this problem of gas discharge. The coffee bags with a one-way degassing valve can smoothly vent the air inside and keep the outside air from entering the bag, ensuring that the product is moisture-proof and fragrant!
2, resealable zipper

Consumers pursue exclusive quality products with reasonable prices always. When it refers to coffee bags, opening the bag cannot be sealed, resulting in food moisture deterioration. Although you can seal the bag with a clip, this is somewhat cumbersome for consumers, so they prefer to choose a coffee bag with zippers. Most high classic food brands are increasing the proportion of plastic zipper bags used to meet consumer demand.
Zipper bags are made by blow molding, heat cutting machine bags, through the opening of the convex ribs and grooves, made of flexible packaging bags that can be repeatedly sealed and pulled open.
Packyin stand up zipper pouch with moisture resistance, freshness, and other characteristics, good sealing, and easy to carry, so that the product’s shelf life becomes longer.
3, hanging punch hole
In addition to standing on the shelf, hanging on the shelf is another way to display products in the supermarket.
Packyin offers 3 different hanging holes to meet different needs: butterfly (also called European) holes, triangle holes, and round holes. These holes will be completed by a punching tool. The holes can be customized according to your needs.
Keep in mind that the materials used in Packyin are strong enough not to tear even when hung.

4, rounded corners
The larger the bag, the thicker the material. The thick material makes the bag strong and tough enough, but it has sharp corners. It may cause injury to the consumer.
To avoid any accidental injuries, Packyin offers a rounded corner coffee bag option to ensure safety for all consumers.

5, Tear notches
The beginning of consumer use or consumption of your product is the ease of opening the bag without any tools. for a successful brand.
Therefore, we add tear slots to most of our coffee bean packages to increase convenience for our customers.

6, window pouch
Before opening the bag, how do you feel the contents of the product inside? Experienced consumers can judge the quality of the product by looking at it.
So the printed coffee bags must have a clear-looking window. It is not difficult to keep some parts of the bag transparent. You can even customize the shape and size of the window.
Packyin’s stand up bags with a window will help increase the product’s appeal and coffee sales.

7, Tin tape closure
Coffee bags with zippers can be reopened and re-closed. What if a coffee bag does not have a zipper? Tin ties can close the bag.
Using a tin tie closure helps avoid contamination. It makes it easier to protect stored products when they are not used at once.

8, silver aluminum foil: aluminum foil can play a moisture-proof, light avoidance, blocking the role of the coffee beans to avoid contact with light and air, resulting in coffee beans’ fragrance emission and oxidation.

9, Flexible composite barrier film: Packyin by laminating several different materials of barrier film to maintain the freshness of coffee and prevent damage during transportation.

10, custom printed coffee bags: delicate and elegant coffee packaging design, amazing printing technology. Let your printed coffee bags have the feeling of value for money.
The color of the finished coffee packaging reflects the characteristics of the coffee to a certain extent: red custom printed coffee bags, the taste is generally thicker, can make the drinker quickly awake from last night’s good dream; black custom printed coffee bags belong to the high quality of coffee; gold custom printed coffee bags, a symbol of wealth, indicating that it is the best of coffee; blue custom printed coffee bags, generally “caffeine-free.”

Packyin’s custom printed coffee bags is printed with natural, non-toxic, environmentally friendly inks.
Finally, Packyin believes that after the coffee bag suppliers have contained the product, the bag is vacuumed and filled with nitrogen to remove oxygen before sealing the coffee bags,it prevents the coffee from oxidizing and deteriorating.

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