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Commodity of packaging bag color

Commodity of packaging bag color: 1,kinds of food. Bright and rich tones are often used. 2, to drugs. Commonly used simple cool and warm color blocks. 3. Cosmetics. Soft mid-tones are often used. 4, hardware, machinery tools. Use blue-black and other calm color blocks to express the characteristics of solidity, precision and durability. 5, children’s toys. Bright and dazzling solid colors and various color blocks with strong contrast between cold and warm are commonly used to meet children’s hearts and hobbies. 6. Textiles. The hierarchical relationship of black, white and gray is often used, and it is better to use the method of seeking contrast in reconciliation and reconciliation in contrast. 7. Sporting goods. More bright and loud color blocks are used to increase the feeling of activity and movement.

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