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Common problems of composite vacuum packaging bags

The common problems of composite vacuum packaging bags are judged and solved after cooling, and then the bag-making process is carried out. Wrinkle after melting, wrinkle after heat-sealing, wrinkle after heat-sealing for a period of time, wrinkle after boiling and so on. Here, for many reasons, it is no longer just to remind everyone to pay attention to the consumption of ink on curing agent. By repeating. This is due to the popularity of the use of benzene-free and ketone-free inks and all-in-one inks. The reason is that this problem occurs in many flexible packaging companies. The binder of the ink-like is usually the solvent combination of the polyurethane system, which is easy to consume the curing agent of the glue, resulting in alcohols in the glue. Don’t do it. If the glue does not dry, the appearance of the bag will wrinkle. The difference is only the level of the glue not drying. The root cause is the same. The solution is to add a hardener to the printing ink. The specific addition amount can be communicated with the ink manufacturer. If printing, you can also add more curing agent when dispensing glue, without adding curing agent. According to past experience, the added amount should be no less than 20%, but in recent work, it has been found that the printing film of some inks is often mixed with glue, so the flexible packaging company has added 50% of the curing agent and the glue is still not dry. When changing to ink and glue, be sure to verify the compatibility of these two materials through experiments. more questions

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