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Common Problems of Compound Bag Making Bags

Relatively printed. As far as the composite process is concerned, the bag making process is a relatively simple process of mechanical operation, but this does not mean that the problems in the bag making process will be simple. Since only the common description is the best process in the entire flexible packaging production process, some problems in this process are more or less related to the front-end process, so the problems in the bag-making process are usually more complicated. Here are some of the more common problems. 1, poor heat sealing strengthThe main reasons for this problem are3kind.①The reason for the heat sealing material. If the thickness of the heat sealing material is not uniform, it is easy to cause poor heat sealing strength. Colleagues, when there are too many precipitates due to poor processing of raw materials and long storage time, it is also easy to cause poor heat sealing strength.②The influence of printing and compounding process. The effect of printing: If the temperature resistance of the ink is poor or the additives in the ink are used improperly, the ink layer will fall off during the heat sealing process, resulting in poor heat sealing; the effect of compounding: in the dry compounding process, if The adhesive is not fully cured, and the ratio of the food adhesive is improper, which will cause the delamination of the composite layer and cause poor heat sealing.③ The influence of the bag making process itself. In the bag-making process, insufficient heat-sealing pressure, improper heat-sealing temperature setting, and insufficient heat-sealing time will also cause heat-sealing to fail. In addition, if the cooling time is insufficient, it will not only make the shape of the heat-sealed edge not good, but also affect the heat-sealing strength and appearance. 2When there is mottled on the heat-sealed edge, and when the heat-sealed edge has mottled or bubbles in the bubble bag making process, the reasons should be found from the following two aspects.(1), raw materials. After the easily hygroscopic material such as nylon absorbs moisture during storage or production, it is easy to produce bubbles and mottles during the heat-sealing process.(2), improper operation. If the adhesive is not completely fixed when it is in line, it will be delaminated during heat sealing, and bubbles and spots will also be generated. In addition, the heat sealing edge is too wide, the silicone plate is deformed, the heat sealing cloth is damaged, hot spots and air bubbles. Therefore, in the usual production process, we should pay attention to inspection, find problems in time, and deal with them in time. 3, unit size errorThe main reasons for the error of product unit size are as follows5Aspects: 1. The photoelectric head fails. 2. The unloading tension is not stable. The Korean feeding speed is too low. 3. The design of the bag-making cursor is unreasonable. . The raw material stretches or shrinks during the compounding process, and the unit size is already inaccurate, so that the distance between the bag-making cursors changes; 4, sealing foldsThe reasons for the problem of sealing wrinkles are as follows3Aspects: ①The thickness of the material is not uniform, and the material is slack during the feeding process; ②The tension of the floating roller is too small; ③Some rollers do not rotate smoothly during the operation, resulting in unbalanced feeding. Therefore, the above components should be checked when starting up, and the machine should be adjusted to a better operating state.In the production process of packaging bags, there will inevitably be many quality problems. This article only makes a brief description of the quality problems that often occur in the compounding and bag making process.

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