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Common quality problems of food vacuum packaging bags and their solutions!

Problem 1: Food vacuum packaging bags are wrinkledCause Analysis: 1, The thickness of the substrate is uneven, and the film is too different. 2Substrate unwinding is skewed. 3, When the amount of glue applied is too much or insufficient, interlayer sliding will occur; uneven glue application will also cause local wrinkles. 4, Adhesive drying is insufficient, residual solvent is too much, adhesion is small, and the two substrates after compounding are displaced. 5, The composite film is directly wound without cooling or insufficient cooling, and the high temperature and soft composite film is easy to wrinkle. 6, Improper setting of tension compound pressure. 7, Improper tension control, uncoordinated and unmatched tension of unwinding and rewinding. 8, The guide rollers are not parallel. 9, The surface of each guide roller is not clean, there are foreign objects stuck, or the surface of the guide roller is uneven, with pits, scratches, bumps, etc.Correction or corrective action: 1, Replace the film with qualified quality.2, Adjust the position of the film so that it does not skew during the conveying process. 3, Adjust the amount of glue applied, and apply glue evenly. 4, Adjust the process parameters so that the adhesive can be fully dried and reduce the residual amount of the solvent. 5, The composite film should be fully cooled before winding. 6, Adjust the compound pressure. 7Adjust the tension of unwinding and rewinding to match the tension of each part. 8, Adjust the parallelism of each guide roller. 9, Clean the surface of each guide roller and replace the damaged guide roller to ensure that the surface of the guide roller is flat, smooth and clean.Problem 2: Food vacuum packaging bags are stickyCause Analysis: 1, During the printing process, the drying speed of the ink is not suitable for the printing speed, so that part of the solvent still remains in the ink layer after printing, which softens the ink layer and makes the composite film also sticky. 2, The adhesive is not dried completely, and the residual solvent gradually penetrates into the ink layer, making the ink layer soften and sticky.3, The plasticizer in the plastic film migrates to the ink layer, so that the film becomes soft and sticky.Corrections and Corrective Actions: 1, Adjust the drying speed of the ink according to the actual situation, and make it fully dry 2, Adjust the process parameters to ensure that the adhesive can be fully dried, so that the residual solvent content is controlled within the minimum limit. 3, Replace the plastic filmQuestion 3: Food vacuum packaging bags have”pockmark “Cause Analysis: 1, There are impurities in the adhesive, there is too much dust in the air of the workshop environment, and there is also dust in the hot air blown out of the drying tunnel after gluing. 2, The two-component reactive adhesive solvent is easily affected by temperature and becomes white and turbid, resulting in”pockmark”increase.Corrections and Corrective Actions: 1filter the adhesive; keep the environment clean; keep the glue bucket and glue tray clean; use a high-mesh filter or other filter material at the air inlet of the drying tunnel to remove the dust in the hot air. 2,”cloudy white”The glue can no longer be used.

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