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Comparison of aroma retention, heat resistance and shelf life of commonly used packaging materials

The development of China’s manufacturing technology and the discovery of different packaging films have led the packaging industry to take off. The protection properties of different materials determine their application scope and fields. Some products require packaging with better fragrance retention properties, while some products require packaging with water-blocking properties. better.Only by understanding the performance characteristics of different film materials can they be applied more reasonably in different packaging applications.1. Comparison of fragrance retention of various packaging films:Remark:A——2more than a week;B——2within a week;C——1within a week;D——1within;E——1within hours.Second, the performance comparison of different materials:Heat resistance:AL>PA>PP>HDPE>PAPER.cold resistance:AL>PAPER>HDPE>LDPE>EVA>PET>PA>PP.Puncture Resistance:PA>PET>PVC>PP.Oil resistance:AL>PET>PA>PVDC>PVA>Cellophane>PP.Fragrance retention:EVOH>PVA>PAN>KFilm>PET>PC>PA>PP>PE.Water resistance:HDPE>LDPE>PP>PET>PA>PVDC.Water vapor barrier:LCP>EVOH>PVDC>PVA>EVA>PA>PET>PVC.Heat sealability: ionic resin>EMAA>MPE>HDPE>LDPE>PP>EVA>PVDC>CPA.3. Comparison of applicable packaging periods for various packaging materials:

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