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Comparison of biodegradable PLA stic bags and ordinary PLA stic bags after burning

The biodegradable PLA stic bag will not produce irritating odor during the burning process, and the residue of the biodegradable bag has become carbonized powder after full combustion. When ordinary PLA stic bags are burned, they will emit obvious pungent odor and produce toxic gas. After ordinary PLA stic bags are fully burned, there will be obvious oily drops, which cannot continue to decompose. Most of the ordinary PLA stic bags used in daily life are made of polyethylene and polyvinyl chloride. After long-term exposure to polyvinyl chloride, the human body will have swollen fingers and wrists, resulting in enlarged spleen and liver damage. In particular, the dioxins released during the combustion process are currently recognized as the most toxic chemical substances in the world. They are super carcinogenic and teratogenic, and seriously affect the life safety and fertility of animals in the affected area, including humans. yltpacking environmentally friendly biodegradable PLA stic bags are made of pure biological polylactic acid extracted from corn cassava and other PLA nts. degrade, and eventually degrade into water and carbon dioxide, and become organic fertilizers.

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