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Composite paper substrates commonly used in composite packaging bags

1.Kraft paper .Kraft paper is a paper produced by using sulfated wood pulp or sulfated wood pulp mixed with a certain proportion of other pulps through the papermaking process. It has high strength, high toughness, good burst resistance and water resistance, and is mainly used for wrapping commodities and making flexible packaging paper bags or composite paper bags. 2.wrapping paper .wrapping paper is generally used50%kraft wood pulp, combined with unbleached chemical wood pulp and bamboo pulp, for the production of ordinary small paper bags and packaged goods. 3.cellophaneCellophane, also known as regenerated fiber, also known as SEG film, is a non-thermoplastic film, which is a homologous product of paper. 4.Parchment vs Imitation Parchment 5.Offset paper: Offset paper is made from bleached acid wood pulp, and is filled and highly applied. It has the characteristics of tight fibers, uniformity, whiteness and good folding resistance. It is mainly used for printing, packaging, and is suitable for Multicolor overprint.

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