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Composition and characteristics of water-based ink for food bag printing

Food bag water-based ink is composed of water-soluble resin, pigments, various additives and water. The key of water-based ink is water-soluble resin. There are many kinds of resins, such as alcohol soluble phenol formaldehyde resin. Features of water-based ink for food bags: water-based ink is a new type of ink with low toxicity, non irritation and non combustion, which is most suitable for food packaging printing. However, the general water-based ink has the disadvantages of no light, ash and low concentration. Waterborne ink has the following disadvantages: 1. It has no irritating smell, is not flammable and explosive, meets the requirements of environmental protection, can protect the health of workers to a certain extent, and is conducive to safe production. 2. The printing effect is good, the characters are clear, the dot is complete, and the color generation is strong.

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