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Connecting materials in the printing process of food packaging bags

1、 Binder Binder Yes_ Oil depends on the main part. Connect the fine grain and make sure the oil has a certain fluidity; It can make the ink form a uniform thin layer after printing, and form an oil waterfall film with certain strength after drying. Because of the film forming effect of the binder, the pigment is fixed on the printing surface, which has a protective effect on the pigment and prevents the pigment from powdering and falling off on the substrate. Binder is made from natural resin, synthetic resin, cellulose derivative, etc. with less than 1% dissolved in dry oil or solvent. The main raw materials are as follows: (1) Dry vegetable oil is a very old raw material for the ink industry. Although modern technology is changing with each passing day, the production of orthodox paste inks still cannot get rid of the basic factor of vegetable oil, such as dry vegetable oil, which is used to refine all the binders of offset inks. • The basic chemical composition of vegetable oil is produced by many different kinds of fatty acids and glycerin.

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