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Customized plastic packaging bag steps

Talking about the rapid customization of plastic packaging bags, we know that efficiency and cost are the ultimate pursuit of packaging companies. Professional customized food plastic packaging bags, vacuum bags, high temperature cooking bags, frozen meat food bags, printing roll film and other composite bags and other flexible packaging. 1. Choose plastic packaging bag manufacturers. The country has strict food safety control, and products produced by unqualified manufacturers are not allowed to be sold on the market. First of all, you must choose a qualified manufacturer, with formal packaging qualifications and complete licenses, which is your safe choice. Composite packaging bags, aluminum foil bags 2. Discuss the product characteristics and determine the design. We have a professional design department who has been engaged in the design and production of food packaging bags for many years. He is very familiar with the characteristics of various types of food, conforms to national standards, and conforms to printing and production standards, and has rich experience. , it will save a lot of unnecessary trouble for food companies, improve efficiency and ensure quality. 3. The final draft of the plan The final draft means that the food company and the packaging company agree with the plan and are satisfied with the pattern and style. The food packaging company has sufficient raw materials and there is no technical difficulty. Only when both parties have no objection is the real final draft. It is hoped that the company will seriously review the manuscript and will not revise the manuscript repeatedly, so as to save time for the next step. 4. The designed plan for plate making is handed over to the company for plate making. This process takes about 3-4 days depending on the situation. After the plate making is completed and a sample plate is printed, it needs to be confirmed by the food company and the packaging manufacturer. This step is very important and cannot be modified once confirmed. 5. The process of printing, compounding and bag making may take 5-7 days according to the actual situation. In special circumstances, we can communicate with the company to meet the needs of customers. Vacuum packaging bags, tea packaging bags Six, inspection of each batch of products produced, the inspection report will be strictly. Seven, packaging and delivery The packaging is firm and tidy, with a large quantity, fast delivery, and the most basic commitment to customers. The above steps of customizing plastic packaging bags, each step is closely linked, saving time and improving efficiency, it is best to follow the above steps, prepare product-related information in advance, and communicate with plastic packaging bag manufacturers. food bags, food packaging bags

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