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Customized traditional Chinese medicine packaging composite film

The composite film has the advantages of flexibility, moisture-proof, oxygen-proof, light-shielding, water-blocking, etc., and the comprehensive performance is greatly improved. For this special drug product, it is a very good choice; there are four kinds of composite film for pharmaceutical packaging, ordinary composite film, strip-shaped easy-tear packaging, paper-aluminum-plastic composite film and high-temperature cooking film. Food bags, food packaging bags Ordinary composite film product structure: PET/AL/PE, the production process is dry composite. Features Good printability, improve product grade; good gas, water vapor barrier properties. It is used for general medicine tablets and other medicine outer packaging. Composite packaging bag, aluminum foil bag Strip-shaped easy-tear packaging Product structure: PT/PE/AL/PE, the production process is extrusion lamination. Features Easy to tear, convenient for consumers, ensure a long shelf life of drugs; conducive to environmental degradation. Plastic packaging bag Paper-aluminum-plastic composite film Product structure: paper/PE/AL/PE, the production process is extrusion compounding. All of the above features. High temperature cooking film product structure: PET/CPP or PET/AL/CPP, the production process is dry compounding. Features Kills packaging bacteria, can be placed at room temperature, and can be printed with good printability. Vacuum packaging bags, tea packaging bags

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