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Daily necessities packaging washing powder packaging bag

Washing powder is an indispensable part of daily life, and the main packaging of washing powder is plastic packaging bags. Damaged, and it is convenient for printing, our company can complete it9Color copperplate printing.Material introduction of washing powder packaging bag:The material of the washing powder packaging bag is generally:PET/PEcompound (milk white),PETThe coloring effect is good, and exquisite patterns can be printed, whilePEIt can be used for heat sealing. Through the combination of the two, the ink does not fall off and the heat sealing effect is good.Laundry powder packaging bag quotation:If you need an accurate quotation for washing powder packaging bags, please provide us with detailed data, such as: length, width, thickness, number of printing colors, etc. Of course, the specific quantity is also necessary, the larger the quantity, the more favorable the price will be. So if you need a quotation, please provide an accurate quotation to our customer service.Laundry powder packaging bag related products Laundry liquid packaging bag, self-supporting nozzle bag type used in laundry liquid packaging bag, the bag type is novel and convenient to use. For details, please refer to: Laundry Liquid Packaging Bag Knowledge Introduction.

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