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Degradable PLA stic bags instead of ordinarype PLA stic bags are the trend

The price gap between ordinary PLA stic bags and degradable PLA stic bags is generally still2-3times, because many people feel that degradable PLA stic bags re PLA ce ordinarype PLA stic bags will raise our cost of living, not cost-effective.Indeed, from an economic point of view, biodegradable PLA stic bags re PLA ce ordinarypeThe time for PLA stic bags has not yet arrived, but considering the long-term development of environmental protection and human beings, this step can only be accelerated and there is no waiting.ordinarypeIt is obvious to all that the white pollution caused by PLA stic bags has brought huge problems to humans, animals and the natural environment. Eliminating white pollution is also a common goal of all mankind.How to achieve this goal? In addition to the PLA stic restriction orders of various governments, it is important to have alternative products. Degradable PLA stic bags came into being, it is mainly made of PLA (polylactic acid) andPBAT(Copolymer of Butylene Tereadipate and Butylene Terephthalate) made by blending two materials, PLA andPBATblended, enhanced PLA The toughness of the two shows the complementarity of the two, but the simple blending of the two is incompatible, but after continuous running-in, testing and improvement by experts, it has been completely overcome PLA andPBATincompatibility. Through a series of technological processes such as film blowing, the products produced are relatively stable and suitable for packaging in various industries.If people’s quality of life is to be improved, the environment must be improved accordingly. Degradable PLA stic bags under industrial composting conditions,180Air can be degraded into water and carbon dioxide, which is a key step in solving white pollution.The future of degradable PLA stic bags and their products can be expected.

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