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Design principles of composite packaging bags

Basic performance requirements of composite packaging bagsIn order to meet the required packaging requirements, the composite packaging bag should have the following properties:① Mechanical properties. Tensile strength, rigidity, wear resistance, sealing, elongation, friction, etc.② physical and chemical properties. Moisture and oxygen barrier properties, fragrance retention, oil resistance, chemical resistance, light protection, etc.③ Durability. Performance at low temperature and high temperature, stability and degradation ability under high humidity conditions, etc.④ Processability. Suitable for printing, convenient for automatic packaging bags, anti-static, heat shrinkability, etc.⑤ Commodity display type. Transparency, whiteness, gloss, easy opening, easy disposal of waste, etc.The input of composite packaging bag structure designThe key requirements for packaging of various products:①General industrial product packaging, mainly considering its protection, packaging operation, sales commodity, transportation, etc.②The packaging of daily chemical products is mostly directed to consumers, and its protection, aesthetics, convenience, shelf display, etc. need to be considered.③ The packaging of mechanical parts should consider its protection, functionality, rust resistance, and transportability.④For the packaging of electronic products, it is necessary to consider its protection, shock resistance, antistatic properties, shielding properties, barrier properties, etc.⑤For food and medicine packaging, its protection, hygienic safety, barrier properties, and packaging methods should be considered.

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